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My Account

What does “my account” means? How can I modify my selective information?

Modifying your Bookswagon account is quiet simple. You can see your orders at whatever time via “my account”.
My account let you totally check on you transactions on Bookswagon

  • Handle/modify your personalized information such as address, contact information, e-mail ids.
  • Modify your password.
  • Tag your order status at any time

How can I confirm if my order has been affirmed?

As soon as your order has been entered into logs and payment has been authorized, the vendors will affirm the order receipt and they will begin working on it.

You will get an email confirming your order details as soon as vendor gets the information and he also affirms about the same. In that following email you will given a singular OrderID (for example: BW123456), the list of the item(s) ordered and by what the time period you can expect your order to be delivered

You will be beforehand informed about the shipment of your order. Shipment details will be given with your unique OrderID and tracking digits

How can I purchase an item which is currently ‘out of stock’?

Regrettably, the items that are currently out of stock will not be available for sell. Kindly utilize “notify me” button/feature, which will help you to be notified as soon as the item is available with vendors on Bookswagon.


I can check unlike costs for the same item. Why?

An item might be available at contrasting costs. This difference could be because of the different vendors providing the same item at their suitable prices. At Bookswagon, different vendors can offer their suiting prices and can fulfill their order differently.